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New Independent School Inspectorate Framework 2023

As schools begin to prepare for a new academic year, those inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) will be aware that the new ISI inspection framework will come into effect from September 2023.

The new framework, known as "Framework 23", comes off the back of last year’s consultation into the new regime and replaces the previous framework published in 2016.

Since the last framework was published, we have seen a global pandemic, the rise of  the Black Lives Matter and Everyone’s Invited movements, and a significant increase in poor mental health amongst pupils across all age ranges. The new framework aims to reflect on and consider the challenges pupils face in today’s world, and contains a number of changes to the previous framework.

While schools will be aware that in the past ISI published Commentary on Regulatory Requirements, for this cycle they have moved away from publishing the Commentary in its current form. ISI’s Inspection Handbook is also available to all on the ISI website and will be reviewed and updated regularly. The Inspection Handbook is primarily aimed at inspectors conducting routine inspections but is helpful reading for schools so that they are aware of the methodology of inspections.

Farrer & Co have provided some changes schools should be aware of and some suggestions as to how they can best prepare for future inspections which can be found here


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