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The most diverse community of safeguarding professionals in the UK


The Independent Safeguarding Service is an organisation with a very singular vision, to enable a transformation in the quality of safeguarding in the UK through the provision of industry leading training, policies and procedures regardless of industry sector.
We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) and, as such, reinvest profits back into the business and the safeguarding community to create the best and most affordable products possible.


Providing child protection and safeguarding policies, procedures and services for any organisation working with Children or Vulnerable adults

Nick Pratt


Nick is a qualified Social Worker and has 20 years experience working in safeguarding, providing consultancy for Local Authorities and a variety of sectors. He specialises in allegations management and organisational safeguarding having worked as a LADO for different Local Authorities and a consultant for organisations accross multiple sectors. He is passionate about providing freely accessible, high quality, safeguarding resources to anyone who needs them.

Providing child protection and safeguarding policies, procedures and services for any organisation working with Children or Vulnerable adults

Colum Lowe


Following an early career in the creative industries Colum has spent the last 15 years working in the NHS, and with organisations in the autism, learning disability, dementia and elderly care sectors. Colum’s number one passion is creating the best possible products, services and user experiences.

Providing child protection and safeguarding policies, procedures and services for any organisation working with Children or Vulnerable adults

Milly Wildish


Milly spent 10 years as a detective and safeguarding lead in the Metropolitan police working directly with victims of CSE, DV, HBV and child abuse. Milly is also a specialist arbitrator and National Safeguarding Panel member for Sports Resolution UK. She is passionate about delivering high quality safeguarding training.

Providing child protection and safeguarding policies, procedures and services for any organisation working with Children or Vulnerable adults

Kathy Dee


Kathy is an experienced and passionate safeguarding lead with over 25 years' experience in education and children's services. She specialises in prevention and building capacity to create learning environments where children feel safe and are empowered to make safe choices.
Providing child protection and safeguarding policies, procedures and services for any organisation working with Children or Vulnerable adults

Stephanie Bissett


With a background in Child Protection, Stephanie coordinates our safeguarding portfolio of services to ensure full sector coverage and equal access. Stephanie also manages our tailored package services
Providing child protection and safeguarding policies, procedures and services for any organisation working with Children or Vulnerable adults

Jen Miller


With her experience and knowledge in web based business development and management, Jen is heading up our digital development. Jen is passionate about providing high quality business solutions online.


The Independent Safeguarding Service is supported by an Expert Reference Group (ERG) of national safeguarding experts. The ERG accredit all our safeguarding products and services and guide all our safeguarding activities.
These are honorary positions and we are always looking for new members. If you have the time to spare, the suitable skills and profile, and are interested in supporting our vision, please get in touch.

Alan Critchley (Chair)

Alan is an independent reviewer of LSCBs, he has national media experience including appearances on “Woman’s Hour” and “The Politics Show” and is Chair of trustees for a Children’s Rights charity.

Tony Pape

Tony is an experienced social worker with ten years of experience delivering operational and strategic safeguarding within a local authority setting. He specialises in Adults Safeguarding.

Vahab Bhikhi

Headteacher and founder of Darul Atfaal, a charity and education centre for children and young adults. Became the youngest Imam in England in 2010. He is currently working with the local and wider communities.

Glen Head

Glen is a practicing senior Occupational Therapist specialising in adult social care with a background in Public Health commissioning at Local Government and Department of Health levels.

Gillian Nash

Gillian has twenty years in children’s social care, sixteen as a qualified social worker specialising in child protection, risk response and organisational safeguarding.

Sharon Springer

Sharon Springer is an experienced Social Worker with a background in Local Authority Children & Families Services, as a Team Manager and Child Protection Chair.

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca is a Health and Safety Manager currently operating in the hospitality sector with a background in Education Business Partnerships and vocational training.

Yunus Dudhwala

Yunus has a wealth of experience serving his community both as an Imam and as a Head of Chaplaincy within a large London hospital. He provides advice and support accross a variety of organisations within the charity sector.

Neil Cruden

Neil is a seasoned Health & Safety practitioner with over 20 years experience in the industry and is currently the Managing Director of LimeTree Solutions, a risk-based Health & Safety consultancy that specialises in providing the private sector with practical and cost effective operational solutions for all commercial risks.

Marijke Heatrick

Marijke specialises in intervention with perpetrators of domestic abuse. She is also a qualified Social Worker with extensive experience in a variety of roles working with children and their families in statutory child protection settings. 

Mark Robson

Mark has spent 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Service as a Detective investigating complex crime and child safeguarding. He has LADO experience with LB Redbridge and a Safeguarding Support Manger with Premier League. Mark is also an Independent Safeguarding Investigator.

Shahid Mahmood

Shahid is the Community Development Manager at Minhaj ul Quran International(London) With over 30 years in Welfare to Work experience including Jobcentre, VSO, Charity and Community Development from grass roots to International level

Sally Mevo

Sally has over 20 years experience in children’s services covering a multitude of areas including Safeguarding, Looked After Children, Family Group Conferencing, LADO, Child Death Overview Panel, Children in Care Council, and Care Proceedings.

Jackie Ferdinand

Former Designated Safeguarding Lead in the Education sector, Jackie is currently West Ham United’s Head of Safeguarding, Foundation Trustee, and an Executive of her Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.

Faiza Yassin

Faiza brings with her a wealth of experience from the Education Sector. As a Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead within an independent faith school, she is passionate about safeguarding both in her local community and further afield.

Yasmin Awan

Yasmin is an experienced social worker with over 20 years’ experience in safeguarding. She currently specialises in Fostering, Connected Persons and Special Guardianship.

Jacqui Waine

Jacqui has been involved in primary education since 1992. She is a Headteacher and Senior Lead for Safeguarding in a Primary Education setting.

Jo Elbourn

Jo has experience in both operational and managerial multi agency safeguarding. She is a senior partner in front line protection of vulnerable children and adults.

Adam Fearon-Stanley

Adam is an experienced social worker, with 15 years experience in Child Protection, Looked After Children, Youth Offending, Disabled Children Services, and Hospital Social Work. Adam also beings LADO experience and is a current Lead for IRO’s in a large London Authority.

Lesley Fish

Lesley is the Safeguarding Manager for a group of Independent schools which provides specialist education & behavioural support for pupils with Social, Mental and Emotional Health issues and Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

Gillian Dineen

Gillian has been a teacher for over 20 years. She is currently the Headteacher and Senior Safeguarding Lead of a large secondary school. Gillian understands the vital importance of effective safeguarding practices in protecting young people and staff within the Education sector.

Steve Hall

Steve brings nearly 40 years of experience as a qualified social worker and Service Manager in Social Care for various Local Authorities with a background of Child Protection, LAC, Children with Disabilities and digital recording systems for social work to name a few. Currently a LADO, Steve is active in the London and National LADO networks and provides training and consultation to a variety of organisations engaged in Safeguarding.

Tom Loomes

Tom has 10 years Social Work recruitment experience and is currently managing the London Social Work department at Sanctuary Personnel, dealing with both Adult and Children’s services.

Viv Rimmer

With a background including Head of Safeguarding Standards and Principal Social Worker within a London Authority,  Viv is now the Rugby Football Union's Head of Safeguarding, is a Safeguarding Governor for a local primary and secondary school and has lead responsibility for safeguarding in her local Parish.

Reanne Turner

Reanne has extensive experience in both the local authority and voluntary sector as the strategic and operational lead for CSE, missing and trafficking. Her work in these roles has included developing an innovative Safeguarding in Public Spaces project using a Contextual Safeguarding approach. Reanne also has considerable experience in delivering CSE, missing and safeguarding training to professionals from all sectors.

Subina Begum

Subina brings extensive experience within the Early Years sector. As a qualified Early Years Practitioner of 13 years, Subina is currently a Children's Centre Coordinator as well as the Safeguarding Lead within a Children's Centre in London. Her mission is to ensure all children grow up in a safe environment where they are happy, healthy, have access to a quality education provision and to promote their individual outcomes.

Amy Strode

Having worked as a teacher and within wider education as part of the government’s Prevent strategy, Amy has a broad knowledge of safeguarding, specialising in counter-terrorism. Working with adults and young people in a wide range of community-based environments, Amy delivers bespoke training and consultancy to build confidence in tackling safeguarding proactively and collaboratively.

Now that ISS exists, it’s hard to believe an organisation singularly dedicated to safeguarding didn’t exist previously


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