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Unlimited live online Safeguarding Training for all organisations


The Independent Safeguarding Service understands that one of the most significant costs to organisations trying to comply with their statutory safeguarding obligations is staff training, the quality of which is frequently sub-standard and expensive.
That is why it was important for us when creating the Independent Safeguarding Service to be able to offer our members unlimited, free training as part of our membership package.
Providing child protection and safeguarding policies, procedures and services for any organisation working with Children or Vulnerable adults

Our digital training service, LiveOnline, is a live training broadcast, available to members, that is CPD compliant and covers all best practice and statutory safeguarding training required by you and your staff. As it is live, attendees are able to interact and participate in a manner not possible with standard digital training.

Certificates of attendance at each training course will be provided to evidence CPD.

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