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Department of Transport outlines need for Safeguarding

The Department of Transport has released statutory Taxi and private hire vehicle standards this month which clearly outlines the importance of safeguarding;

"As with any group of people, it is overwhelmingly the case that those within the industry can be an asset in the detection and prevention of abuse or neglect of children and vulnerable adults. However, this is only the case if they are aware of and alert to the signs of potential abuse and know where to turn to if they suspect that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk of harm or is in immediate danger"

The standards outline that Local Authorities with the power to license taxi services should "provide safeguarding advice and guidance to the trade and should require taxi and private hire vehicle drivers to undertake safeguarding training. This is often produced in conjunction with the police and other agencies. These programmes have been developed to help drivers and operators:

• provide a safe and suitable service to vulnerable passengers of all ages; 

• recognise what makes a person vulnerable; and

• understand how to respond"

This is welcome news for a number of Safeguarding Partnerships that have strived to ensure this is implemented. 

The full standards can be accessed here.

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