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New Emotional Health and Wellbeing in schools release from PHE and CYPMHC

Public Health England alongside the Children and Young People's Mental Health Coalition have released "Promoting children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing - A whole school and college approach" that provides evidence-based key actions that headteachers and college principals can take to embed a whole school approach to promoting emotional health and wellbeing. These actions build on what many schools and colleges are doing across the country but, if applied consistently and comprehensively will help protect and promote student emotional health and wellbeing.

This document should be read alongside statutory guidance on ‘Keeping children safe in education’, ‘Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions’ and existing advice on targeted approaches for supporting pupils with, or at risk of developing mental health problems including:

• statutory guidance on ‘Promoting the health and wellbeing of looked after children’

• advice for school staff on ‘Mental health and behaviour in schools’

• advice on ‘Counselling in schools’

Other supporting documents include guidance from the PSHE Association to support schools in teaching about mental health safely and effectively and ‘Resilience and results’ which outlines how schools can work with external agencies to commission additional support for pupils with behavioural and emotional difficulties.

To see the full guidance, click here.


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